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Osteotomy Committee

2016-2018 Members

Chairman: Ronald van Heerwaarden (The Netherlands)
Vice-Chairman: Adrian Wilson (United Kingdom)
Philipp Lobenhoffer (Germany)
José Filipe Salreta (Portugal)
Dietrich Pape (Luxembourg)
Matt Dawson  (United Kingdom)
Sandro Fucentese (Switzerland)
Vincenzo Madonna (Italy)
Stefan Hinterwimmer (Germany)
Dominique Saragaglia (France)
Bogdan Ambrozic (Slovenia)
Florian Dirisamer (Austria)
Irfan Esenkaya (Turkey)
Konrad Slynarski (Poland)
Elvire Servien (France)

The ESSKA Osteotomy Committee was instituted in May 2016 at the Barcelona Congress. With help from the ESSKA Board, 14 experts in osteotomy and joint-preservation surgery from various European countries were invited to join the committee. The first meeting was held on 5 May, and future goals were confirmed.

In the next two years, the members will plan ESSKA approved courses on osteotomy and joint-preservationin Europe. Also, the members will compare osteotomy to other joint-preserving treatments and jointreplacements, as an economic (inexpensive) healthcare intervention. After national evaluations, we can hope for a European consensus.

The committee will also work on establishing a European registry of osteotomies around the knee.
Finally, preparations have been started for a book on osteotomies and joint-preserving surgery to be released in 2020.

Ronald van Heerwaarden
Osteotomy Committee Chairman


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