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Hip Arthroscopy Committee
2016-2018 Members

Chairman: Nicolas Bonin (France)
Vice-Chairman: Filippo Randelli (Italy)
André Sarmento (Portugal)
Nestor Zurita (Spain)
Bent Lund (Denmark)
Sverre Loken (Norway)
Pannayotis Christofilopoulos (Switzerland)
Olufemi Ayeni (Canada)
Gregor Mockel (Germany)
Vikas Khanduja  (United Kingdom)
Olivier Marin-Pena  (Spain)
Athanasios Papavasiliou (Greece)
Michael Dienst (Germany)
Christoph Gebhart (Austria)
Mikael Sansone (Sweden)

Though ESSKA is renowned for its knee surgery, it still remains a generalist society covering sports medicine
and arthroscopy. Since hip-preserving surgery and hip-arthroscopy are gaining popularity, and with increasing empirical support, it seemed correct for ESSKA to become involved. Hence the Hip Arthroscopy Committee,  recently elected during the Barcelona Congress, which will cover the growth, development and training of European hip sports medicine and hip arthroscopy.

At our first meeting, the committee did a fantastic job, and hammered out a Hip Activity Plan for 2016-2018. This has now been approved by the ESSKA Board.

The most important part of this plan is the Hip Scientific Programme to be held during ESSKA’s 18th Congress in Glasgow. This will provide an Instructional Course Lecture, two  symposia, two consensus roundtables, one rehabilitation session and one free paper session.

A pre-course cadaveric hip-surgery session will be held before the meeting, alongside the knee and shoulder course.

The 2016-2018 Plan also proposes an annual Hip Arthroscopy Webinar in coordination with the ESSKA Academy. The first one, on lateral hip pain, is already planned for January 2017. It will be managed by Ali Bajwa and Oliver Marin-Pena.

ESSKA will provide patronage for the Cambridge Hip Cadaver-based Course, to be held 24-25 January 2017 in Cambridge, UK, under the supervision of Vikas Khanduja.

The Hip Committee, most likely in collaboration with ISHA, is also designing a Visiting Surgeon Programme: three European surgeons will visit four to five European ESSKA-accredited hip-arthroscopy centres.

Finally, ESSKA has endorsed the 2016 “Warwick Agreement on femoro-acetabular impingement syndrome (FAI syndrome): an international consensus statement”. This will help to create an international, multidisciplinary consensus about the diagnosis and management of patients with FAI syndrome. This recently published agreement is now available on the British Journal of Sports Medicine, with free full text access: Br J Sports Med  2016;50:1169-1176 (

The committee welcomes conservers and arthroscopic hip surgeons, and we shall keep you au courant by newsletters. All the information will also be on our website, and soon!

Nicolas Bonin
Hip Arthroscopy Committee Chairman


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