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Elbow and Wrist Committee

2016-2018 Members

Chairwoman: Denise Eygendaal (The Netherlands)
Vice Chairman: Paolo Arrigoni (Italy)
Past Chairman: Luigi Pederzini (Italy)
Enrico Guerra (Italy)
Hakan Turan Çift (Turkey)
Nicolas Holzer (Switzerland)
Boris Hollinger (Germany)
Paolo Arrigoni  (Italy)
Claudio Rosso (Switzerland)
Michel van den Bekerom (The Netherlands)
Kilian Wegmann (Germany)
Raul Barco (Spain)
Andreas Lenich (Germany)
Oskar Zupanc (Slovenia)

The Elbow and Wrist Committee was founded in 2014. In November 2015 we held a successful closed meeting in Italy, in concert with an Italian national symposium on elbow and wrist pathology.

In 2016, the committee successfully published its book ‘Elbow and Sport’, which provides a comprehensive overview of all sports-related elbow pathology, and describes the ‘pearls-and-pitfalls’ of related-elbow surgery. The authors are all highly experienced upper limb surgeons from across the world. The digital version has already been downloaded in high numbers.

This year a second elbow course will be organised in Arezzo, Italy, under ESSKA’s patronage.

Lastly, the committee is working on a virtual training module for arthroscopy of the anterior compartment of the elbow. The committee members have also started a research project on the prevention of complications in elbow surgery.

Denise Eygendaal
Elbow and Wrist Committee Chairwoman


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