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Cartilage Committee

2016-2018 Members

Chairman: Peter Verdonk (Belgium)
Vice-Chairman: Peter Angele (Germany)
Past Chairman: Giuseppe Peretti (Italy)
Emmanuel Papacostas (Greece)
Mário João Gamelas (Portugal)
Francesc Soler (Spain)
Christian Lattermann (USA)
Ersin Erçin (Turkey)
Philipp Niemeyer (Germany)
Massimo Berruto (Italy)
Aad Dhollander (Belgium)
Pieter Eman (The Netherlands)
Frederic Rongieras (France)
Matej Drobnic (Slovenia)
Andreas Gomoll (USA)
Stefan Nehrer (Austria)
Giuseppe Filardo (Italy)
Ron Arbel (Israel)

The programme for the Cartilage Committee consists of developing further knowledge in the field of cartilage repair and regeneration. The central theme for the upcoming two years focuses on the ‘European Allograft Initiative’ in close collaboration with ESSKA’s Arthroscopy Committee, the Basic Science Committee and the Osteotomy Committee as well as other scientific organisation including ICRS and EFORT.

The use of allograft tissue decreases donor site morbidity, and allows the management of conditions that otherwise have few treatment alternatives, such as the completely meniscectomized knee, failed cartilage repair and large osteochondral lesions. While not without limitations, allografts have improved the lives of countless patients worldwide. Its use, however, remains limited by supply, and political and regulatory issues. The ‘European Allograft Initiative’ is dedicated to finding solutions to these very limitations. It will bring together leaders from regulatory agencies, industry and physicians to create a forum for the exchange of ideas, discuss regulatory hurdles and strategies to educate the public and health care providers about this exciting initiative.

To do so, the committee will write several papers investigating the treatment options including allograft tissue for Osteochondritis Dissecans, the meniscectomized knee and failed cartilage repair.

In addition, a cartilage treatment skills course will be organised in collaboration with the Basic Science Committee.

A health technology assessment investigating the cost effectiveness is planned in close collaboration with the Arthroscopy Committee. A summit meeting is planned for February 2018 and the results will be communicated during the ESSKA Glasgow congress in 2018.

Peter Verdonk
Cartilage Committee Chairman


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