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Basic Science Committee

2016-2018 Members

Chairwoman: Laura de Girolamo (Italy)
Vice-Chairman: Lutz Durselen (Germany)
Past Chairman: Hélder Pereira (Portugal)
Henning Madry (Germany)
Joanne Stephen (UK)
Enrique Gomez-Barrena (Spain)
Jess Snedeker (USA/Switzerland)
Caroline Mouton (Luxembourg)
Ferran Abat (Spain)
Magali Cucchiarini (Germany)
Antongiulio Marmotti (Italy)
Christian van Bergen (The Netherlands)
Miguel Oliveira (Portugal)

‘Basic-science’ sounds rather distant, and perhaps inferior, to ‘clinical research’. But ‘basic’ here means ‘fundamental’, in the sense of being necessary to — and hence supportive of — the more ‘applied’ types of research. We all know that a house, especially a large house, requires a strong and solid foundation. And we know that foundations by themselves cannot complete that house. A superstructure is also needed. But the two parts together can create the perfect dwelling.

This is exactly the message that the ESSKA Basic Science Committee would like to spread! Our mission is to integrate basic knowledge with applied research, especially for the emerging bio-technologies and biomechanics. Our Committee will act as a common underlay for all the other ESSKA Committees and Sections. We can provide them with support and a reference.

As Chair of this Committee for 2016-2018, I take pleasure in a superb team, comprising outstanding researchers, some “laboratory” and some “clinic” but all with a special focus on underlying research. Most of our projects and activities are a natural progression from the 2014-16 Committee: our support for the Journal of Experimental Orthopaedics (JEO), which has been recently indexed in PubMed, as well as the 2nd edition of the “Hands-On Cartilage Lab Course” in co-operation with the Cartilage Committee and of the Joint Biomechanics Course (time and venue to be announced shortly).

Other activities for 2016-2018 have begun, one being the preparation of a booklet about the Best Practice in Clinical Trials. We also wish to reinforce our bonds with other societies who share our interests, such as EORS, TERMIS, ICRS and many others, as well as the ESSKA affiliated societies, creating joint-events for the next two years.

Do stay tuned and follow our events and initiatives, and please feel free to propose ideas and projects that you would like us to include in our future activities, because our aim is to be closer and closer to ESSKA members and be supportive of your activities.

Laura de Girolamo
Basic Science Committee Chairwoman


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